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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Lease


1.     Lease Commencement

The lease shall commence with the delivery of the vehicle to the Hirer or on the day it is collected by the Hirer.

2.     Acceptance of Vehicle

The Hirer or its agents shall inspect the Vehicle at the time of delivery or collection of the Vehicle and if any defect is found in the Vehicle, such defect shall forthwith be notified to the Owner and the Hirer or its agent shall state the same in the Rental Agreement. If the Hirer or its agent fail to inspect the Vehicle or record any defect, the Vehicle shall be deemed to be delivered and accepted by the Hirer in good repair and working condition and the Hirer shall have no claim whatsoever against the Owner in respect of the condition or any other aspect of the Vehicle.

3.     Security Deposit

The Hirer shall pay to the Owner upon the signing of the agreement and prior to the delivery of the vehicle a security deposit. The deposit amount is $300 for daily/weekly rental and one month rental amount for monthly rental.

4.     Payment Terms

The Hirer shall during the period of the Hire pay the Lease to the Owner in advance, without demand, and free of any deductions whatsoever. The first such payment shall be made on or before that date of commencement of hire and subsequent payment shall be made before the start of the subsequent months of Hire. If payment is not rendered in full a late payment surcharge of 2% per month calculated simply on a daily basis will be levied for overdue payments.

5.     Breakdown & Towing Service

The Owner shall provide a Emergency Breakdown and Towing Service, at no extra cost to the Hirer, in the event the Vehicle or its replacement suffers a breakdown or encounters an accident within Singapore island. The Hirer agrees that a punctured tyre or an empty petrol tank or any other event resulting in the breakdown of the Vehicle due to the Hirer's negligence or willful act or omission does not constitute a breakdown and that in the event that the Owner's Emergency Service is called upon to respond to such an occurrence, the Hirer shall bear the cost of such response at $80.00 per trip.

6.     Damage to Vehicle

In the event that the Vehicle or any part thereof is damaged as a result of any accident howsoever caused. The Hirer shall forthwith pay to the Owner the -

i) Insurance Excess amount of SGD$2,500 payable in respect of each and every accident. The Excess will be refunded to the Hirer if there has been a successful claim against the third party. The claim is deemed successful if the loss and damages (including any legal costs) is recovered without any deduction for the Hirer's contribution to the accident (if any). The Hirer also agrees that the Owner may in absolute discretion conduct any negotiations and effects any settlement with the insurers, and agrees to abide by any such settlement.

ii) Repair cost to the make good the damages to the rental vehicle at Owner's appointed workshop.

iii) In event of Total Loss of the vehicle, the Hirer agrees to fully compensate the losses incurred by the Owner.

7.     In an event of an accident

Take a photograph at the accident scene. It is advisable to take photographs of the damages and the position of the vehicles at the accident scene. Call Drivethru immediately to inform us of the accident and we will assist you on further procedures. Failure to observe these procedures may affect the insurance claims process.

8.     Duties of the Hirer

The Hirer agrees to meet the subsequent requirements and will comply with the following regulations -

i)     That the vehicle is operated at all times with due caution and care and that all traffic regulations are complied with. Hirer must not be an undischarged bankruptcy.

ii)    To ensure that the driver is at least of 23 years of age and not more than 65 years of age and has been in the possession of a       valid driver's licence for at least 2 years.

iii)   To drive a vehicle in Singapore, you must possess a valid Singapore driving license for the class of vehicle that you want to drive. This requirement applies to all citizens and permanent residents of Singapore and also foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than twelve (12) months. Foreigners who reside here for less than twelve (12) months must possess a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorized body in their country of origin e.g. the Automobile Association (AA). If an International Driving Permit is not available, an official translation of your foreign license in English is required. In the case of ASEAN nationals, you must possess a valid driving license issued by the proper authority in your country, before you are allowed to drive in Singapore. From June 2015, this will be reduce to six (6) months, according to Singapore Road Traffic Act.

iv)    Other authorized drivers of the vehicle must provide their full relevant particulars to be authorized to drive the vehicle. The Drivers will ensure that the vehicle is not operated by anyone other than themselves.

v)     The Hirer is responsible for all parking and traffic violations which may be incurred, and shall answer all Police and Traffic court summonses. The Owner reserves the right to pay such penalties, fines or changes on behalf of the Hirer and/or the authorized driver as it deems fit and shall be entitled to be reimbursed for these charges paid in addition to imposing a administrative and service charge of S$10.00 for each instance from the Hirer whether the penalties, fines or charges were incurred by the Hirer.

vi)    The Hirer or authorized drivers shall not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

vii)   It is expressly forbidden to hire the vehicle out to third persons or to let unauthorized persons or learners use the vehicle or permit the vehicle to be used for purposes which conflict with the law. (E.g.: In connection with theft, drug pedaling or trafficking, smuggling or any other criminal action) or for the purposes of testing or racing. The hirer shall indemnify the owner for the value of the vehicle and bear all costs incurred should the vehicle be confiscated, seized or forfeited.

viii)  Upon expiration of the period of hire, the hirer shall return the vehicle to the owner in as good order and condition as the vehicle was when collected by the hirer from the owner. Failing to do will entitle the Owner to repair the vehicle and the costs thereof shall be recoverable from the hirer.

ix)    The Owner is not liable for any repair or miscellaneous charges incurred at any external workshop without our prior authorization.

x)     To indemnify the Owner against all actions claims demands proceeding costs or expenses damages and liabilities whatsoever arising in respect of or out of the use of the vehicle or in consequence of this Agreement from any parties.

xi)    To immediately report to Owner of any accident or malfunction of the vehicle.

xii)   To comply with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

10.    Termination

A premature termination of the agreement prior to the completion of the lease period is not permissible. The hirer may only be released from his duties if an upfront payment of all lease payments is made and the vehicle is returned in good order.

If the Hirer shall fail to pay the Rental or other sum payable under this Agreement within thirty (30) days of it becoming due (whether demanded or not) or chall commit a breach of the other terms and conditions, express or implied, of this Agreement or chall do or allow to be done any act or thing which in the opinion of the Owner may jeopardize the Owner's rights in the Vehicle, then the Hirer shall be deemed to have repudiated this Agreement and the Owner may at any time by notice in writing to the Hirer for all purposes forthwith terminate this Agreement.

Upon the termination referred to above the Hirer shall no longer be in possession of the Vehicle with the Owner's consent and shall forthwith deliver up the Vehicle to the Owner at such address as designated by the Owner in good order and working condition and at Hirer's expense and risk. In the event of the Hirer's failure to deliver up the Vehicle, the Owner shall be at liberty to regain physical possession of the vehicle as the Owner deems fit and the Owner shall be reimbursed all its costs and expenses for ascertaining the whereabouts of the Vehicle and regaining physical possession of the Vehicle and a certificate from an officer of the Owner on such costs and expenses shall be final and conclusive and binding on the Hirer. The Hirer irrevocably authorizes the Owner or its agent without notice to enter the premises where the Vehicle may be found and regain physical possession of the Vehicle without being liable for any action or proceeding at the suit of the Hirer or any person claiming through him. The Hirer shall also indemnify the Owner of any liability from any third party which was incurred by the Owner with regards to any action taken by the Hirer or its agent to ascertain the whereabouts of the Vehicle or regain physical possession of the Vehicle including the costs of defending such an action.

Without prejudice to the Owner's right under this Agreement and/or in law, the Hirer shall continue to be liable for the payment of the Rental from the due expiration of the Period of Hire or sooner termination / determination of this Agreement to the date when the Vehicle is returned to the Owner but this Clause shall not confer upon the Hirer any right to the continued use or possession of the Vehicle.