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Rental Vehicles





                     Monthly $1000

Weeklly - $370

Daily - $55 / Wkly - $347



Daily - $70 / Wkly - $440

Daily - $70 / Wkly - $440

Monthly $1200


 Daily - $100 / Wkly - $630


 Daily - $150 / Wkly - $940


Daily - $100 / Wkly - $650 




Daily - $150 / Wkly - $945


Daily - $130 / Wkly - $820


Daily - $150 / Wkly - $945


 Daily - $100 / Wkly - $600


Daily - $100 / Wkly - $600


               Daily - $80 / Wlky -$500      



 Daily - $550 / Wkly - $3,080


Daily - $400 / Wkly - $2,240 

$2300 Monthly


Weekly $500 (1 year contract) 

Daily - $100 / Wkly - $560 


Not Available


Rent Mercedes, Honda and Mitsubishi Vehicles across Singapore

How do you like to drive? Where are you going? How many times a week will you be getting behind the wheel? All of these are questions you should ask yourself before choosing from Drivethru’s extensive range of rent cars. Our fleet is one of the biggest in Singapore, and with prices to suit all budgets, you’re sure to find something to please.

Whether you’re looking for a nippy, agile and compact Mitusbishi or Honda or a luxurious Mercedes Benz or BMW, our car rental business has everything you could want. Our price range is broad, offering you true choice in your vehicle. From the value-packed to the feature-added, we’ve got a model to suit everyone and every lifestyle. If you’re looking for something to shave minutes off your commute or to add style to your weekend, speak to us.

Quality long and short-term car rental

Rent cars from the very best at Drivethru. We make operating a vehicle as simple as possible, bundling everything from insurance to road tax, maintenance and servicing into one easy payment. You never have to worry about mileage or those annoying little check-ups at the mechanic again with us.

Browse our range of cars, including Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Volvo and Mercedes and take your next trip in comfort and style. All of our arrangements come with unlimited miles and a personal account manager who makes themselves available to help you with any issue.

Contact us with any questions and discover the difference our service can make to your already complicated and full life. Call our Singapore office on +65 6291 3113 to find out more about our fleet, our company or our flexible, affordable services and make getting from A to B less of a headache today.