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Flexible Lease Cars for Singapore

Save money for the important things in life. Whether you just need to get from A to B for a morning commute or are looking to have a bit of fun with on the weekend with no commitment, Drivethru is the company for you. We offer cheap rental cars Singapore-wide on flexible terms for as little as a few days to beyond two years.

We offer a huge range of vehicles in a wide variety of classes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a zippy little compact number to get you through the morning traffic, or a beautiful and spacious executive car so you can travel in style, we can get you what you need. Our prices reflect the diverse needs of our clients, meaning that whatever your budget and your requirements, there’s cheap rental cars for you.

Included in the hire fee is third party insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance. Simplify your life by distilling the stress and awkwardness of potentially dozens of different weekly, monthly and annual payments down into a single charge calculated daily. You’ll have breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout Singapore and Malaysia, so you can rest assured wherever you go and whatever you do.

Cheap rental vehicles when and where you need them

Drivethru offers customers convenience, flexibility and choice. Choose the car you want in the colour you want and never worry about paying any maintenance or support fees ever again. Whether you’re taking a contract position and just need a car for a short, fixed period of time or want to try on vehicle ownership, we are the company for you.

Make a booking online today or get in touch with our office to learn more about our fleet, our service or our company. Give us a call on +65 6291 3113 and we’ll provide the answers you need.